Gateway Admissions Staff

Gateway Admissions Staff

Name: Kelly Connors

Title: Admissions Representative

Location: Pataskala Campus

Email:   connors.153@cotc.edu

Phone Number: 740-755-7128

Educational Background:

Bachelor of General Studies, Concentration: Psychology, Sociology

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Why I enjoy working in recruiting and admissions for COTC:

Working in admissions has always been a passion of mine. I love being able to sit down with students, listen to what they are passionate about and help guide them to the right major. There is no better feeling than being able to inspire and guide someone on their college journey.

One of my favorite COTC moments:  

One of my favorite moments at COTC was when I did my first visit day tour. I led the students around campus and was able to help them make a final decision about where to go to school. They were so impressed by the labs, student services and all the wonderful opportunities COTC has to offer. At the end of the tour, they let me know they couldn't wait to enroll at COTC!


Name: Melanie Garrabrant

Title: Manager of Admissions

Location: All COTC campus locations

Email: garrabrant.34@cotc.edu

Phone Number: 740-755-7109

Educational Background:

Master of Arts, English: Rhetoric and Writing, University of Findlay, anticipated 2018

Bachelor of Arts, English, Capital University, 2016

Why I enjoy working in recruiting and admissions for COTC:

As an advocate of education, I love connecting with prospective students who want to continue learning! I especially enjoy helping students differentiate offerings, learning about programs, and encouraging them to build a career at any stage of life. It's amazing to see students light up when they gain new knowledge!

One of my favorite COTC moments:  

One of my favorite opportunities is being privileged to work with students who transfer to COTC after their experience at another school wasn't quite the right fit, or after having taken time off from college, deciding to return. So many students share they appreciate COTC's smaller campuses, personal attention, and care! It's heart-warming to engage with students who seek learning and challenge themselves to grow. It's fantastic when students are as proud to be a part of the COTC family, as I am!  

Name: Ashley Hughes

Title: Admissions Representative

Location: Newark Campus

Email: hughes.1822@cotc.edu                

Phone Number: 740-755-7090

Educational Background:

Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies – International Relations emphasis, The University of Oklahoma, 2012

Master of Library & Information Science, Kent State University, 2007

Bachelor of Arts, History, Mount Union University, 2005

Why I enjoy working in recruiting and admissions for COTC:

I have always considered myself to be a lifelong learner and huge proponent of higher education. I love helping people establish and attain their personal, educational, and career goals. There are so many amazing opportunities for students here at COTC!

One of my favorite COTC moments:  

One of my favorite moments so far has been attending orientation for our College Credit Plus high school students. They inspire me with how motivated and excited they are to get a head start on their college career. Many of them will be ready to take on the world when they graduate with not only a high school diploma, but also a two-year associate's degree.


Name: Nicole Thompson

Title: Admissions Representative

Location: Knox Campus

Email: nthompso@cotc.edu

Phone Number: 740-755-7668

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Administration, Franklin University, 2017

Associate of Applied Business, Business Management Technology, Central Ohio Technical College, 2012

Why I enjoy working in recruiting and admissions for COTC:

Working in admissions allows me to talk to prospective students about a career they are passionate about. It is fun to see students become excited about how much hands-on learning is at COTC, helping them really connect with a real-world job!

One of my favorite COTC moments:

In 2012, I was chosen, as a COTC student, to participate in the Cultural Immersion Program and travel to Reggello, Italy – the Tuscany region – with 14 other students for two weeks at no cost! This program let me see in person what I thought I would only be able to see on TV or in the movies. Having the opportunity to travel internationally and experience culture, language, art, music, and great food, was a life-changing experience; one that's hard to explain! I highly encourage all students to travel and love to hear stories from other students about their international travel through the Cultural Immersion Program at COTC!


Name:   Toni Trowbridge

Title:   Admissions Representative

Location:  Coshocton Campus

Email:  trowbridge.35@cotc.edu

Phone Number:  740-622-1408

Educational Background:  

Bachelors in Applied Psychology, Franklin University (in progress)

Associates in Human Services, COTC 

Why I enjoy working in recruiting and admissions for COTC:  

I enjoy helping individuals realize their dreams and encouraging them through the process.  It is rewarding to see the light in our students eyes when they succeed.

One of my favorite COTC moments:  

Running into a student at their high school after they had visited our campus and seeing the excitement they had about attending college in the near future; a dream they had not envisioned prior to visiting COTC.