Egg Drop

Egg Drop


H​igh s​chool students compete as an individual or part of a team!
Participants will showcase innovative designs to protect an egg dropped
from a second story height of 22 feet.

April 26, 2019
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Individual or Team​

​Prizes and scholarships are awarded for the winning entries​.

Check out the Official Rules and Frequently Asked Questions forms for more detailed information.

All participants are required to bring with them the Marketing and Public Relations Release Form and completed Participant's Form on the day of the competition.

Additional questions? Please email osborn.239@cotc.edu

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Egg Drop 2018

  • 400 attended the 2018 Egg Drop event

  • Total of 32 Schools compared to 23 last year

  • 21 New Schools​


Senior Division:

1st place - Topenga Brooks from East Knox HS

2nd place – Trinity Arter from Eastland Career Center

3rd place – Austin Mize from Eastland Career Center


Junior Division:

            1st place - Cody Hamon from Eastland Career Center

            2nd place – Colton Young from Eastland Career Center

            3rd place – Jack Adair from Eastland Career Center


Sophomore Division:

            1st place – Tomasz Ignatik a homeschool student

            *no other sophomore devices survived the fall to receive points


Freshman Division:

            1st place – Eli Young from Lancaster HS

            2nd place – Cassidy Smith from Lancaster HS

            3rd place – Jenesa Wright from Lancaster HS



1st Place - Centennial HS

Eunice Prasojo

Ana Mirie Mateo

Areebah Khan

Fatou Diallo


2nd Place - SW Career Center

Eddie Ferguson

Tyler Spencer

Tristian Good


3rd Place - Granville Christian

TJ Echard

Nick Townsend



​Thank you to our 2018 sponsors donating a total of $5,600

​$1,000 T-shirt Sponsor:

Newark Army Recruiting Office


​$1,000 Trophy Sponsor:​

UMD Automated Systems


​$1,000 Backpack Sponsor:

MPW Industrial Services


​$500 VIP Room Sponsor:​

Varo Engineers


​General Event Sponsors ($300):

​Trust Tech Tire Repairs


MS Consultants, Inc.
Engineers, architects, planners


McWane Ductile

McWane Ductile_Logo_Horiz_lr.jpg

CESO, Inc.


Ampacet Corporation


Hull and Associated, Inc.


Weekley Electric, LLC



2017: 5th Annual Egg Drop Competition

This competition for all high school students was held on April 28, 2017 at Central Ohio Technical College. Participants showcased their innovative designs to protect an egg and drop it from a second​ story height.​​

Egg Drop 2017_7_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_8_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_10_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_12_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_9_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_13_lr.jpg

Egg Drop 2017_14_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_15_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_16_lr.jpg

Egg Drop 2017_17_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_18_lr.jpg Egg Drop 2017_19_lr.jpg

2017 Egg Drop Competition Winners


      1st place              Sarah Hoffman-Weitsman Lancaster HS
      2nd place             Adam Lockhart                 Lancaster HS
      3rd place             Madison Nutter                 Lancaster HS


      1st place              Abigail Mills                      Liberty Christian Academy
      2nd place              Kennadee Lawson              Liberty Christian Academy
      3rd place              Nick Thompson              Liberty Christian Academy


      1st place               Adriene Ross                        Logan Elm HS
      2nd place               Tyler Hixon                        Logan Elm HS
      3rd place               Minnie Chongrunruang       Liberty Christian HS


       1st place                Dominic Spadaro                East Knox HS
       2nd place        Alaura Parisse                Graham HS
       3rd place        Caddisy Lauderback        Graham HS


        1st place        Umbrella Policy          SW Career Center
Eddie Ferguson
Tristan Good
Tyler Spencer
Ratha Seng
        2nd place        Team O                          SW Career Center
Roberto Rojas
Luis Santiago Silva
Ruvin Leshchik
Valeria Mattern
        3rd place         Team CT                   Wooster HS
Alyssa Foster
Sierra Dewald
Hayden Frank
Garret Flinne

2016: 4th Annual Egg Drop Competition

This competition for all high school students was held on April 29, 2016 at Central Ohio Technical College. Participants showcased their innovative designs to protect an egg and drop it from a second​ story height.​​

2016 High School Egg Drop Competition Winners


3rd Place-Tracey Collins, Linden McKinley
2nd Place-Evan Moore, Linden McKinley
1st Place-Conner Riley, Fredericktown​


3rd Place-Nathan Claude, Linden McKinley
2nd Place-Dalvin Smith, Linden McKinley
1st Place-Amon Smith, Linden McKinley


3rd Place-Sam Fortune, Coshocton County Career Center
2nd Place-Zakk Runser from SW Career Academy
1st Place-Daniel Deliduka, SW Career Academy


3rd Place-Scott Howard, East Knox
2nd Place-Dalton Webster, Johnstown
1st Place-Payal Patel, New Lexington


3rd Place-Crooksville HS, Tyler Sprinkal, William Fisher, Dillon Storts and Dalton Fink
2nd Place-Crooksville HS, Lane Tokie, Nathanial Westfall, Tanner German and Taylor Wilson
1st Place-Knox County Career Center, Kevin Taylor, Kayla Levings)


Fredericktown High School

Most Scrambled

Fredericktown High School (Ryan Matthews and Kassi Farson)

Most Eggstraordinary

Lakewood Local Egg Breaker Team (Ken Clippinger, Will Rigsby, Laura Porter and  Jacob Dodson

Most Eggcellent

SW Career Academy (Daliz Torres, Ashley Valacencio and Conner McKenzie)

Spirit of Eggcellence​

New Lexington High School (Miranda Kindaid)

Photos from the 2015 Egg Drop eventOVERALL WINNER (Most Accumulated Points) NEW LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL


Egg Drop Mascot
​​Egg Drop participantGirl participant dropping egg over balcony

view of Egg Drop Contest from balconyEgg Drop participantsEgg Drop Participant droping egg over balcony

Egg Drop refs
Egg Drop participants 

Group of Egg Drop participantsEgg Drop Egg Drop Participants

Egg DropParticipants outside