​​​​​​​What is the Concurrent Enrollment Options Program (CEOP) at COTC?

CEOP is a COTC sponsored program that allows high school students, 9th through 12th grade, to enroll in college courses at a red​uced cost. The student is responsible for half of the regular tuition and the total cost of textbooks. Students receive college credit for the coursework and may request high school credit. This option is available year round.

Admissions RequirementsGateway_A4683_lr.jpg

  1. S​ub​mit online Application for ​Admission.
  2. Must be an Ohio resident.
  3. Submit the Recommendation Form signed by the high school guidance counselor, principal or appropriate administrator.
  4. Submit an official high school transcript indicating a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA. Please note that Freshmen must establish a high school GPA prior to being eligible to participate by either completing a full semester of high school coursework or completing high school coursework prior to freshman year that is recorded on a high school transcript.
    • Transcripts can be submitted as follows:
      • Mailed to COTC, The Gateway - Student Records, 1179 University Drive, Newark, OH 43055. 
      • Emailed directly from high school personnel to cotcrecords@mail.cotc.edu

Home-Schooled Admissions Requirements:​

  1. Submit online Application for Admission.
  2. Must be an Ohio resident.
  3. Must be a minimum age of 14 and a maximum age of 18 years old.
  4. Submit a copy of school district communication recognizing student eligibility for home school instruction as outlined in OAC 3301-34-04.

Placement Assessments: 

Students may submit ACT or SAT scores for placement into college courses  or may take the ACCUPLACER assessment at COTC.  ACCUPLACER is a placement assessment used to determine a student's skills in English and Mathematics. There is no cost for taking the ACCUPLACER assessment.
To schedule an appointment to take ACCUPLACER, contact The Gateway at one of our four campuses. In order to prepare to take the ACCUPLACER, you are encouraged to visit www.cotc.edu/accuplacer.​​​​