New Student Orientation Online

New Student Orientation Online


Welcome to COTC's online New Student Orientation. Below you will find various links that will help you complete your new student orientation and learn about all the resources COTC provides its student help them achieve success. Once you have watched the videos, please complete the short survey to complete your orientation with COTC.


COTC Resources & On-campus Departments

COTC Resources & Departments

This video will introduce you to the many departments dedicated to your success here at COTC.


Advising Presentation:

Advising Presentation​

You will hear from an advisor about the importance of having a plan when you are looking for classes and looking to the future for your education.

​​ Portal Overview:​​ Portal Overview​

This video will walk you through the portal so you will be able to navigate and understand the important aspects of the program.

New Student Orientation Quiz (to be completed after viewing the video tutorials):

New Student Orientation Quiz

Orientation Resources:

Student Reference Guide


Thank you for choosing COTC to provide you with the education, knowledge and skills to be successful in the career of your dreams.