Licensed Practical Nursing - Gainful Employment

Licensed Practical Nursing - Gainful Employment

​​What is this information?

COTC publishes information regarding average costs, length of program, related occupations, graduation rates, and average loan debt for students considering Certificate Programs at Central Ohio Technical College.

O*NET is the US Department of Labor and Training's database which houses statistics related to employment in the United States. We encourage you to utilize this resource as you prepare for higher education and employment thereafter.

COTC Practical Nursing Certificate


​Tuition & Fees​$5,950
​Books & Supplies​$​​​1,500
​Room & Boa​rd​Not Applicable


Intend​ed time to complete:
3 semesters
​On-time graduation rate:​13% (This rate is taken from COTC IPEDS reporting for 2009 for the first-time, full-time student cohort)


​Jobs related ​to this program:

 O*NET Licensed Practical Nurses  ​

Median Loan Student Debt

​Federal Loans​$7,077
​Private Lo​ans​$0.00
​Institutional Loans​​$0.00
​                  Information provided by the Office of Academic Affairs, (740) 364-9543   June, 2013​