Center for Student Success

Center for Student Success

​​​​map of center for student successCommunications Resource Center (CRC)​

The CRC provides services to assist students with improvement of their 
written and spoken communications skills. ​
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Learning Specialist​

The Learning Specialist provides advice and resources to enhance students' learning inside and outside of the classroom. Areas of support include: study skills, time management, note taking, test taking strategies, and learning through technology.  

Math Learning Center  ​

image of DMD lab

The Math Learning Center provides tutoring for all math courses taught at COTC. ​
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Preparation for Place​​ment Tests

Resources are provided to help students prepare for placement tests, such as ACCUPLACER®.  ​​
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Testing Center

Many types of tests are administered in the Testing Center, including placement testing, ATI TEAS and classroom testing, distance learning testing, missed classroom tests, and class tests for students with authorized accommodations. 

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are provided for all subjects. For writing (see Communications Resource Center) and for math (see Math Learning Center).