Advertising Technology - Learning Outcomes

Advertising Technology - Learning Outcomes

​​​​​Advertising Technology - Statement of Purpose and Learning Outcomes 

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Advertising Technology degree is to provide the student experience and learning in a collaborative environment that combines Business and Digital Media programs.  The Advertising degree prepares the student for a career in advertising, marketing, and digital design, building relevant and strategic skills in an exciting, creative, technology-enhanced arena.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Advertising Technology plan of study the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate both skills and knowledge of current advertising trends and technology with the intent of entering the workforce or transferring to a four-year institution.
  2. ​Exercise leadership in using and sharing cutting-edge technology and techniques.
  3. Function effectively as a member of a team.
  4. Develop, prepare, and implement effective print, broadcast, and electronic advertising campaigns.
  5. Demonstrate effective brand management.​