Surgical Technology Degree Requirement Plan

Surgical Technology Degree Requirement Plan


​The Assocites of Applied Science degree ​program in Surgical Technology is a selection-based program, meaning a student must APPLY to the program and t​​hen be SELECTED into the program before being able to meet graduation requirements.
​A g​rade of C (2.00) or better is required for all Surgical Technology, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, and Medical Terminology courses in order to continue in and graduate from the Surgical Technology program.
​Policies of the Surgical Technology program which are unique in regard to admission, re-admission, grading and promotion are available in the Surgical Technology Student Handbook, Division of Health Technologies.​
All Surgical Technology core courses (Didactics Only) are offered online.​​
Autu​m​n Semester​

BIO-110Medical Terminology​​2
BIO-130Anatomy & Physiology I​4
MATH-140​College Algebra​3
SURG-139​Basic Surgical Technology​5
​SURG-184​Basic Surgical Technology Lab​3

Spring Semester​

BIO-131Anatomy & Physiology II​4
Composition I3
SURG-135Pharmacology for Surgical Assisting​1
SURG-141Surgical Procedures I​4
SURG-186Surgical Procedures I Clinical​3
​​ ​Total15

Summer Semester​​

BIO-200Microbiology ​4
ENGL-113​Composition II​3
SURG-143Surgical Procedures II​4
SURG-188​Surgical Procedures II Clinical ​3
​​ ​Total14

Autu​m​n Semester​

PSY-100Introduction to Psychology​3
SPCH-210Small Group Communications​3
SURG-231​Advanced Surgical & Specialty  Surgical Practice​3
SURG-233​Basic Surgical Technology Professional Trends & Issues in Surgical Practice Seminar ​3
SURG-284Professional Trends & Trends in Surgical Practice Clinical​3
​Non-Technical Elective - Humanities​3

Non-Technical Electives - Option Choice​

​ Non-Technical Elective ​- Humanities
 Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement  
DMD-100Fundamentals of Drawing3
DMD-106​​Mass Media Communications​3
​ENGL-211​Survey of American Literature I​3
ENGL-212​Survey of American Literature II​3
PHIL-100​Critical Thinking​3
PHIL-150​Introduction to Philosophy​3
PHIL-200Introduction to Ethics​3

Total Hours Required For Degree​​


Courses may have prerequisites please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements

All courses require a grade of C (2.00) or better in order to progress and graduate from this program

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice