Information Technology Degree Plan

Information Technology Degree Plan


Programming and Software Development Option​​​​

Autu​m​n Semester

BUS-105Introduction to Business​3
CIT-102Computer Applications for Technology Specialist​3
CIT-105Principles of Computer Programming​3
CIT-110Operating Systems & Security​3
ENGL-112*​Composition I​3

Spring Semester​​

CIT-115Math for Information Technology​3
CIT-150*Internet Programming I​3
CIT-205*Advanced C++​3
ENGL-208Technical Writing​3
​​Non-Technical Elective - Arts & Humanities​3
​​ ​Total18

Autu​m​n Semester

CIT-130*Visual Basic I​3
CIT-210Systems Analysis & Design​4
CIT-215*IT Project Management​3
CIT-250*Internet Programming II​3
​Non-Technical Electives - Lab Science​4
​​ ​Total17

Spring Semester​

CIT-140*Java Programming​3
CIT-255*Internet Programming III​2
​SPCH-100Fundamentals of Communication​3
​Non-Technical Elective - Social & Behavior Science​3

Technical Elective - General​3
Technical Elective - IT Capstone​2
​​ ​Total17​

Non-Technical Electives - Option Choice

Non-Technical Electives - Arts and Humanities
Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement  
PHIL-100Critical Thinking​3
PHIL-150​Introduction to Philosophy​​​​3
PHIL-200​Introduction to Ethics​3
SPAN-101Spanish I​3
SPAN-102Spanish II​3
​ Non-Technical Elective - Lab Science
 Total of 4.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement  
BIO-105Environmental Science​4
BIO-120General Biology4
​BIO-121​Human Biology​4
BIO-140​General Ecology​4
CHEM-100​Basic Chemistry​4​
CHEM-101​General Organic Chemistry​4
CHEM-102​Fundamental Chemistry​​4
PHYS-100​General Physics​4

Non-Technical Electives - Social & Behavioral Sciences
Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement  
PSY-100Introduction to Psychology​3
PSY-200Abnormal Psychology​3
PSY-220Social Psychology​3
SOC-100Introduction to Sociology​3​
SOC-110​Cultural Diversity​3

Technical Electives - Option Choice

Technical Electives - General
Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement  
ACCT-111Financial Accounting​3
BUS-125PC Applications in Business​3
BUS-155Spreadsheet Applications​4
CIT-101User Support Concepts​3
CIT-103Technology Integration Support​3
CIT-120PC Hardware: Troubleshooting & Maintenance​3
​CIT-230*​Visual Basic II​3
​CIT-265​Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity​3
DMD-101​Digital Software Fundamentals​1
DMD-104​Design Fundamentals​3
DMD-106​Mass Media Communication​3
DMD-120​Web Design and Development I​1
DMD-203​Interactive and Mobile Site Design​3

Technical Electives - IT Capstone / Internship / Work Experience
Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement ​ 
CIT-240IT Specialist Capstone​2
CIT-270Programming & Software Development Capstone​2
CIT-291IT Internship​2
CIT-297​IT Cooperative Work Experience​2​

​Total Hours Required For Degree​​


Courses may have prerequisites please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements

*Indicates this course requires a grade of C (2.00) or better in order to progress and graduate from this program​

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice​​