Emergency Medical Services Degree Requirements

Emergency Medical Services Degree Requirements



Autu​m​n Semester​

BIO-121Human Biology​4
EMS-120Emergency Medical Technician​​7
ENGL-112​Composition I​3

Spring Semester

BIO-110Medical Terminology​2
EMS-190EMT Experience Practicum​2
ENGL-113Composition II​3
​PSY-100​Introduction to Psychology​3
​Non-Technical - Mathematics​3
​Total ​13

Summer Semester​

EMS-200*Paramedic I​8
EMS-280Paramedic I Clinical Lab​1.5
EMS-290Paramedic I Directed Practice​1.5
​SOC-110​Cultural Diversity ​3

​Autu​mn Semester​

EMS-225*Paramedic II​8
EMS-281Paramedic II Clinical Lab1.5
EMS-291Paramedic II Directed Practice​1.5
​PHIL-100​Critical Thinking​3
​Non-Technical Elective - Speech​​3
​​ ​Total ​17
​​Spring Semester​​

EMS-250*​Paramedic III​8
EMS-282Paramedic III Clinical Lab​1.5
EMS-292​Paramedic III Directed Practice​1.5
PHIL-200​​Introduction to Ethics​3
​​ ​Total ​14

Non-​​Technical Electives - Option Choice

​ Non-Technical Elective - Mathematics
 Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement 
MATH-130Introduction to Statistics​3
MATH-140College Algebra3


​ Non-Technical Elective - Speech
  Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement​  
SPCH-100Fundamentals of Communication​3
SPCH-205Public Speaking3

​Total Hours Required For Degree​​



Courses may have prerequisites please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements

*Indicates this course requires a grade of B- or better in order to progress and graduate from this program​

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