Emergency Medical Services Certificate Plan

Emergency Medical Services Certificate Plan


Emergency Medical Technician Certificate

Central Ohio Technical College offers an Emergency Medical Technician course for those persons interested in seeking initial EMS certification. The course is EMS-120 (7.00 semester credit hours).

EMS-120 Emergency Medic​al Technician

7 credit hours, 9 contact hours (6 hours lecture and 3 hours lab) 

Prerequisite: CPR Certification (Recommended), C grade (2.00) or better in GENR-091 and MATH-080 (or appropriate score on COMPASS placement). Course is graded A-F. 

This Emergency Medical Services course covers all aspects of emergency medical care in the field including equipment, controlling the situation, anatomy and physiology, medical and trauma emergencies, and airway control. This course at its successful completion allows the student to take the national registry exam to become certified at the EMT Level. This course provides a first phase of training in the career structure of the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The course covers all knowledge and skills required for the national certification examination. Course includes 15 clock hours of clinical experience. A student must pass the class with a B- grade (3.00) or better and a minimum of 70 percent on the final exam in order to graduate and be eligible to sit for the NREMT exam. 

EMS-120 meets Ohio CTransfer (C-Tag) Assurance Guide standards for course CTEMTB002 

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice

Published date – January 2016 

Office of Academic Affairs