Diagnostic Medical Sonography Degree Requirements

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Degree Requirements


​​Cardiovascular Major​

Pre-Admission Course Requirements for DMSCV.AAS program  
The Cardiovascular Major AAS program is a selection-based program, meaning a student must APPLY to the program and then be SELECTED into the program before being able to meet graduation req​uirements. The following COTC courses (or their equivalents) must be completed prior to being admitted into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. All courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.00) or better
BIO-110​Medical Terminology​​2
ENGL-112Composition I​3
MATH-140College Algebra​3

Autumn Semester​

BIO-130Anatomy & Physiology I​4
DMS-100Introduction to Sonography & Patient Care​2
DMS-182Cardiovascular Scan Lab I​2
ENGL-113​Composition II​3
PSY-100Introduction to Psychology​3

Spring Semester​

BIO-131Anatomy & Physiology II​4
DMS-183Cardiovascular Scan Lab II​2
EMS-100Basic Life Support (CPR) for the Healthcare Provider​0.5
SOC-110Cultural Diversity​3
SPCH-100Fundamentals of Communication​3​
​​ ​Total12.5

Summer Semester​

DMS-110Cross Sectional Anatomy​2
DMS-115Current Issues in Healthcare​1
DMS-186Principles of Clinical Cardiovascular Sonography​4
DMS-240Vascular Sonography I​3
PHYS-100General Physics​4
​Non-Technical Elective​3
​​ ​Total17

Autumn Semester​

DMS-200Sonographic Physics & Instrumentation I​3
DMS-230Echocardiography I​3
DMS-241Vascular Sonography II​3
DMS-287Cardiovascular Clinical Sonography I​6
​​ ​Total15

Spring Semester​

DMS-201Sonographic Physics & Instrumentation II​3
DMS-231Echocardiography II​3
DMS-232Introduction to Pediatric Echocardiography​2
DMS-288Cardiovascular Clinical Sonography II​6
Total 14
Non-​​Technical Electives - Option Choice
Non-Technical Electives 
Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement​ 
BIO-115​Human Nutrition​3
BUS-110​Introduction to Management​3
BUS-115​Introduction to Marketing​3
BUS-235​Labor Relations​2
HSV-110Chemical Dependency I​3
PHIL-100Critical Thinking​3
​PHIL-200​Introduction to Ethics​3
PSY-200Abnormal Psychology​3
PSY-230Organizational Psychology​3
SOC-100​Introduction to Sociology​3
SPCH-210​Small Group Communication​3

​​Technical Electives - Option Choice​

​ ​Technical Elective
 There are NO Technical Elective Credit Hours Required for this Program. The following courses are available should interested in enrolling after meeting the course prerequisites. These courses may be transferrable to the Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) B.S. in Sonography programs. 
DMS-301Cardiovascular Physiology​3
DMS-302Abdominal Vascular Disease & Testing4
DMS-303Survey of Abdominal Sonography​3
DMS-304Survey of Echocardiography​3
DMS-305​Survey of Vascular Technology​3
​DMS-306​​Fetal, Neonatal & Pediatric Echocardiography​3

​Total Hours Required For Degree​​


Courses may have prerequisites please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements

All courses require a grade of C (2.00) or better in order to progress and graduate from this program

​The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice