Digital Media Design Degree Plan - Graphic Design Option

Digital Media Design Degree Plan - Graphic Design Option


Graphic Design Option ​

Autu​m​n Semester​

​​BUS-110*​​​Introduction to Management​3
DMD-100*Fundamentals of Drawing​3
DMD-101*Digital Software Fundamentals​1
DMD-120*Web Design & Development​3
ENGL-112​*Composition I​3

Spring Semester​​

DMD-104*Design Fundamentals​3
DMD-105*Digital Photography​3
DMD-106*Mass Media Communications​3
DMD-121*Web Design & Development II​​3
MATH-140*​​​​College Algebra​3
​SPCH-100​​*Fundamentals of Communication​3
​​ ​Total18

Autu​m​n Semester​

BUS-130​*Team Building​3
DMD-107*​Intro to E-Life: The Evolving Web​​3
DMD-201*Graphic Design I​3
DMD-242*E-Publishing & Interactive Documents​2
​​ ​Total14​

Spring Semester​

DMD-202*Graphic Design II​3
DMD-251*Digital Media Portfolio​1
DMD-294​*​Digital Media Practicum​2
ENGL-207​​​*Business & Professional Communications​3
PHIL-200*​​Introduction to Ethics​3
PSY-100*​​Introduction to Psychology​3
​​ ​Total15

​Total Hours Required For Degree​​


​​Courses may have prerequisites. Please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements.

*Indicates this course requires a grade of C (2.00) or better in order to progress and graduate from this program​. Except Math 140 a grade of D (1.00) is required in order to continue in and graduate from the Digital Media Design Technology.

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice​

Published date – January 2016 

Office of Academic Affairs​​