Business Management Technology Degree Requirements

Business Management Technology Degree Requirements



Autum​n Semester​

ACCT-111Financial Accounting​3
BUS-105Introduction to Business​3
BUS-125PC Applications in Business​3
BUS-170Business Portfolio I​1
​ECON-105*Principles of Microeconomics​3
To​tal ​16

Spring Semester​​

BUS-110​Introduction to Management​3
BUS-115*​Introduction to Marketing​3
BUS-130Team Building​3
BUS-135Introduction to Human Resource Management​3
ENGL-207​​Business & Professional Communication​3
​​ ​Total15

Autu​m​n Semester​

BUS-120​Business Law​3
BUS-205​Global Business​​3

Non-Technical Elective - Lab Science4

Business Field Experience Elective​​1.5 or 2
Technical Elective​​5

Spring Semester​

BUS-2​70​Business Portfolio II1​​
MATH-130​Introduction to Statistics​3
SPCH-100​Fundamentals of Communication​3
​Non-Technical Elective - Arts & Humanities​3
​Technical Elective​5
​Business Field Experience Elective 1.5 or 2

​​Non-Technical Electives - Option Choice

​ Non-Technical Elective - Arts and Humanities
Total of 3.00 Semester Credit Hours Required to Complete this Requirement

PHIL-100Critical Thinking​​3
PHIL-200Introduction to Ethics3
​SPAN-101​Spanish I​3
​SPAN-102​Spanish II​3

​ Non-Technical Elective - Lab Science 
Total of 4.00 Semester Credit Hours Required  to Complete this Requiremen​t
BIO-105Environmental Science​4
BIO-120General Biology4
BIO-121Human Biology​4
BIO-140​General Ecology​4
CHEM-100​Basic Chemistry​4​

Non-Technical Elective - Social And Behavioral Sciences​ 
No Credit Hours Required from this Category
ECON-110Principles of Macroeconomics​3

​​Technical Electives - Option Choice

Total of 10 Semester Credit Hours Required from the Course Choices Listed Below to Complete this Degree​

Technical Electives - GENERAL BUSINESS AREA Courses
​BUS-175The Business Environment​2​
BUS-280Social Media Marketing ​2​
Technical Electives - ENTRPRENEURSHIP Courses
​BUS 140Advertising and Public Relations​​3
BUS-255​Strategic Management​3​
Technical Electives - HUMAN RESOURCES Courses
Runs in Conjunction with Society for Human Resource Management Certificate​ ​ ​
BUS 220Human Resource Law Policies & Procedures​3
​BUS-225Business Interviewing & Counseling​2
BUS-230Compensation & Benefits​3
BUS-235​Labor Relations​2
Technical Electives -  MANAGEMENT Courses 
​BUS 250Managerial Problem Solving​3
BUS-255Strategic Management​3
Technical Electives -  MARKETING Courses 
BUS-140Advertising and Public Relations​3
BUS-240Retail Management​3
BUS-245​Cases in Marketing Research​2
BUS-280​Social Media Marketing​2
BUS-285​Advertising Campaign​2
Technical Electives -  ADMINISTRATION Courses 
BUS-150Document Applications​3
BUS-155Spreadsheet Applications​3
​BUS-165Presentation Applications​2
Total of 2.00 Semester Credit Hours  to Complete this Requiremen​t
The Business Management Technology program field experience requirement mandates that a student complete 12 total contact hours per week in a field experience setting. BUS-292 taken in one semester fulfills the field experience requirement or a student could take BUS-290 and BUS-291 over two semesters to complete the field experience requirement instead.
BUS-290Business Field Experience I​1.5
​BUS-291​Business Field Experience II​1.5
BUS-292​Business Field Experience III​​2

​Total Hours Required For Degree​​


Courses may have prerequisites please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements​ 

*Indicates this course requires a grade of C (2.00) or better in order to progress and graduate from this program

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice​