Accounting Technology Degree Plan

Accounting Technology Degree Plan

​​​​​​​​2017-2018​ ​​Ce​ntral Ohio Technical College​​​

Autum​n Semester​​

ACCT-111​*Finan​cia​l ​Accounting​3
ACCT-244​ Individ​​​ual Taxation​3
ENGL-112*​Composition I​3
MATH-130​ Introduction to Statistics​3
SPCH-205​Public Speaking​3

Spring Semester​

ACCT-122*​Introdu​ctory Managerial Accounting​3
ACCT-231​*Intermediate Accounting I4
BUS-155​Spreadsh​​eet Applications​3
ENGL-113​​​Composition II
PHIL-200​Introduction to Ethics​3
​Total ​16

​Autumn Semester​

ACCT-232​*Cost Management3​
​​​ACCT-241*​Intermediate Accounting II​4
BUS-105​Introduction to Business​3
BUS-120Business Law3
ECON-105Principles of Microeconomics​3

​Spring Semester​

​ACCT-123​​Principles of Finance​3
ACCT-200​Automated Accounting Operations​2
ACCT-261​​​Field Experience​2
BUS-115Introduction to Marketing3
ECON-110Principles of Macroeconomics​3
​Total ​13
​​​Total Hours Required For Degree​​ 60.0​0​​​​​​​
​Courses may have prerequisites. Please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements.

*Indicates this course requires a grade of C (2.00) or better in order to progress and graduate from this program​​​

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice​

Published date – January 2016 

Office of Academic Affairs​​