Syllabus – College Wide Policies and Important Links

Syllabus – College Wide Policies and Important Links

​​For All Student Class Syllabi ​

Students studying outsideCollege-Wide Policies:

1. Assessment -- As part of COTC’s campus-wide assessment initiatives (quality assurance program), samples of student performance such as test results, projects, papers, etc. may be used.  The data gathered will not identify individual students and are not related to the student’s grade for the course, but this data will be used to improve student learning at COTC. 

2. Disability -- Any student who has need for accommodations due to a disability must first register with the Office for Disability Services (ODS). Please call ODS at 740-366-9441 to discuss your needs and the procedures for getting accommodations. Students then must notify the instructor of their authorized accommodations, preferably within the first week of class. For online information about the Office for Disability Services

3. Plagiarism Statement – Submitting plagiarized work for an academic requirement is considered academic misconduct. Plagiarism is the representation of another’s work or ideas as one’s own; it includes the unacknowledged word-for-word use and/or paraphrasing of another person’s work, and/or inappropriate unacknowledged use of another person’s ideas.  For additional details,  see the  Student Handbook

Male student studying outside4. Diversity Statement – It is the responsibility of the faculty member and the student to foster and maintain a harmonious, non-threatening and non-discriminating environment in the classroom. The College is committed to follow a non-discriminatory policy and encourages diversity as part of the community environment.  Therefore, all individuals are to be respected as equal and contributing partners of ​our society. 

5. Withdrawal Date Statement -- Students enrolled in regular semester courses should check the Official COTC Calendar or with the Gateway Office of Student Records for last date to withdraw from this class.  Students enrolled in flexibly scheduled courses should check with the Gateway Office of Student Records for the last date to withdraw from the flexibly scheduled course.