Radiologic Science Technology - Learning Outcomes

Radiologic Science Technology - Learning Outcomes

​​​Radiologic Technology - Statement of Purpose and Learning Outcomes 

​​Students and instructor looking over X-raysMission Statement

The mission of the Radiographic Technology Program at Central Ohio Technical College is to prepare qualified imaging technologists who practice ethically, respond to patient needs with competence and compassion and help fulfill the community’s health care needs. ​

Program Goals/ Student Outcomes 

To accomplish this mission the Radiologic Science Te​chnology Program embraces the following  goals:

  1. Perform entry level radiography skill a) produce acceptable diagnostic images b) evaluate images for quality c) practice radiation safety
  2. Demonstrate accepted standards of professional practice and professional development within the healthcare environment a) create a professional development plan b) demonstrate professionalism in the clinical setting
  3. Demonstrate effective communication skills a) communicate effectively within the clinical setting b) utilize appropriate medical terminology c) demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills
  4. Demonstrate effective problem solving and critical thinking skills a) utilize problem solving skills to solve technique challenges b) Correct or improve the clinical images
  5. The program will operate effectively a) appropriately retain students selected into the program b) students will obtain employment within 6 months of graduation c) Graduates will indicate satisfaction with the program d) employers will indicate overall satisfaction with the program e) Students will pass the national credentialing exam on the first attempt f) Students will maintain high average scores in each category of the national exam​