Electric Transmission and Power Distribution Technology

Electric Transmission and Power Distribution Technology

​Take a direct path to a high-paying career with a two-year degree.

Graduates will work in careers responsible for the safe and efficient production, management and delivery of electricity.  This is just another outstanding example of how a two-year degree offers affordable, life-changing opportunities.

Why choose COTC?

  • This degree program offers a direct path to a high-paying career without earning a four-year engineering degree.

  • Program includes hands-on training in industrial electric and control systems utilized throughout the industrial and manufacturing sector. 

  • The industry-focused program of study, along with a required co-op or potential apprenticeship, will position graduates well for in-demand jobs with impressive starting pay. See information below about the AEP apprenticeship program.

  • The median annual salary for electrical engineering technicians in Ohio is $60,187, according to Ohio Labor Market data.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates will earn an Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technology - Electric Transmission and Power Distribution Technology, preparing them to work as technicians in a variety of public utility and private industrial settings, including:

  • transmission operations centers
  • power plants
  • distribution dispatching centers
  • power substations
  • industry and manufacturing