Dean's Executive Council

Dean's Executive Council

​​​​​​​Dean’s Executive Council - Department of Engineering Technology  

Deans Executive Counsil members


The Dean’s Executive Council (DEC) provides vision and direction to COTC's Business, Information and Engineering ​Technology Division to meet the needs of local industry and the community at-large.

  • Advise on issues related to the learning, discovery and engagement goals and objectives of the Department.
  • Provide feedback to the Department on overall subject matter relevancy in today’s workplace environment to ensure the program keeps pace with current business and state-of-the-art technological evolutions.
  • Initiate and develop mutually beneficial partnerships between the Department and business, industry and government.
  • Develop resources in the form of scholarships, endowments, donation and gifts for program, student and faculty development in the Department.
  • Provide opportunities for internships and co-op positions for Department students and provide employment opportunities for  graduates.
  • Contribute in some manner to the advancement of the Department.  This can be in a variety of capacities, e.g., grants, co-op/internship opportunities, scholarships, work projects, equipment, expertise, etc.

​Membership and Duration of Service

Each Council member will serve based upon needs expressed by the Council member or the School.​​

Board Meetings
The Dean’s Executive Council shall meet twice per year. Typically, meetings are held in May and November.

Next Scheduled Meeting: To be announced this fall.​

​​Dean’s Executive Council Members 2015-2016​
Jared Black​
General Manager
Marcia Bland
Project Manager
Julie Ricciardo
Human Resources
Steve Cohen
Naomi Compton Terry Divelbiss, DEC member

Terry Divelbiss
Marica Downes, DEC Member

Marcia Downes
Managing Director
Matthew Eisert
Executive, Assembly & Test Operations
Dave Humphrey, DEC member

Dave Humphrey
Marc Hawk 
Ne​ls​on Kohman
Board Member
Bill Lozier
Mike Kercsmar
General Manager
Mark Miklos, DEC member

Mark Miklos
Chief Engineer
Lorri Wildi
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Robert Montagnese
Chief Executive Officer
Todd Myers
Engineering Technology & Management
Paul Prater, DEC member

Paul Prater
Community Affairs Manager
Jim Roberts
Christian Robertson
​​Steve Stein
Brad Schneider
Manager, Training and Development
Todd Titus
General Manager
Steve Devlin​
General Manager
Dave Ray
District Deputy Director
george Sehi, DEC member

Dr. George Sehi
Consultant-Engineering Technology Programs