The Law Enforcement Technology-Accelerated Peace Officer Basic Training Certificate

The Law Enforcement Technology-Accelerated Peace Officer Basic Training Certificate


​​​LET-161​*​ Wellness I​​1.5
LET-244​*​ Human Relations​​3
LET-248​* ​Criminal Law​​​4.5
LET-249*​ Administration
* Subject Control​
LET-282*​ Investigations
LET-284​*​ Homeland Security​​1
LET-292*​ Patrol4
LET-293* ​Firearms2
LET-296*​ Traffic3.5
LET -298​​​* ​First Aid​​.5
LET-299 *​ Driving1.5
​​​​​ Total27.50

Total Hours Required For Degree ​​​


Students enrolled in the Accelerated POBT Academy while pursuing the Law Enforcement Degree Program are eligible for financial aid. 

The Basic Police Academy program has been designed to meet the requirements of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission for Police Academies. There are specific admission requirements which must be met before a student will be admitted to this program.  Successful graduates of this program will be recommended to take the state certification examination.  Cadets that successfully complete this program will receive a letter of completion (for open enrollment students) or a certificate (if a commissioned officer from OPOTC) and will be eligible to gain employment as a police officer,  deputy sheriff, or armed security officer.

All cadets are required to have a physical examination and a fingerprint check completed at least 21 days prior to the start of each Academy (no cadets will be accepted after this deadline).  The physical examination WILL BE AT THE CADET'S EXPENSE.  Fingerprint checks are required  for ALL CADETS (persons convicted of a felony or domestic violence are not eligible for this program).  Instructions for fingerprinting are provided by the Academy only (see Academy Commander).  The cadet is responsible for required uniform expenses.
Interested students must submit a completed COTC Application form and contact the COTC Gateway Admissions Office for additional admissions requirements.  Once accepted students must pay a one-time non-refundable Acceptance Fee of $40.00.  Cadets pay standard per semester credit hour tuition charges as set forth by the College (listing of tuition and fees available from the Gateway Admissions Office).  Students will also be charged for   ammunition (currently $250.00 one- time charge - ammunition prices are subject to change without notice due to price changes by the manufacturer).  Individually owned firearms or purchased ammunition will not be permitted on the firing range during class times.

The Ohio Revised Code, Administrative Code Rule 109.2-1 provides: 1) for the power of the School Commander to enact rules and regulations which establish a higher standard of training than the minimum required; and 2) for the termination of the services of unsatisfactory students  during or upon completion of the pre-school training period.

The Law Enforcement Technology-Accelerated Peace Office Basic Training Certificate is not currently eligible for financial aid.

*​Courses may have prerequisites. Please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements.

This program is 15 weeks in length.

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice

Published date – January 2019  

Office of Academic Affairs