Emergency Medical Services Certificate Plan

Emergency Medical Services Certificate Plan


Paramedic Certificate 

​Prerequisite Courses 
BIO-121* Human Biology​4
Medical Terminology

Semester​ 1

EMS-200*~Paramedic I​8
EMS-280* Paramedic I Clinical Lab​1.5
EMS-290* Paramedic I Directed Practice​1.5

Semester​ 2

EMS-225*~Paramedic II​8
EMS-281* Paramedic II Clinical Lab1.5
EMS-291* Paramedic II Directed Practice​1.5
​Total ​11

Semester ​3

EMS-250* Paramedic III​8
EMS-282* Paramedic III Clinical Lab​1.5
EMS​-292​* Paramedic III Directed Practice​1.5
​Total ​11

​Total Hours Required For Certificate​​​


​​* Courses may have prerequisites. Please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements.​

~​  A grade of B- (2.70) or better is required for all Emergency Medical Services Technology courses listed as prerequisites for advanced courses.

This program is 42 weeks in length

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice

​Published date – January 2018​ 

Office of Academic Affairs​